2019, The Year of the Yarn

Many things have happened, come, and gone in 2019. However, one thing has remained constant; yarn.

Yarn, wool, acrylic, mohair, cotton, whatever it is you call it I’ve had it. Since November 2018, I have had either knitting needles or crochet hooks in my hands, in my bag or decorating my house. I can count on my hands the number of days I haven’t been knitting or crocheting.

It started in November 2018. I bought a couple of knitting needles in a local charity shop and watched a video on youtube. I remember the knitting technique but definitely needed a refresher. I was taught how to crochet as a child by my mum and it’s never left me. However, over the year I have definitely improved my skills and range.

I’ve learned how to read knitting and crochet patterns, knit cables, crochet 3D and have produced some great pieces and great disasters over 2019. I’ve even started my own brand; Needles & Hook, which you can follow on Instagram and Facebook. Here I share photos and the like about what I have on my well, needles and hook. I also take commissions and hopefully in 2020 will have an up and running Etsy shop.

I find both knitting and crotchet so relaxing and mindful, then at the end, you’ve created something hand made and with love. With every piece of crochet I make, especially the gifts, I always feel extra sentimental. I feel like they’re not just from me but also my mum, her spirit and knowledge passed down.

Read on to see just a handful of projects and I’ve undertaken and the yarn I’ve amassed…

Yarn, Knitting, Crochet, Wool



See you in 2020! 

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