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Goodbye 2018, You Sneaky Son of a…

It’s that time of year again, where we reflect over the last 12 months and wonder what the next 12 have in store.

If you’ve read my honesty post about what I’ve been through this past year. You’ll know that for the first half of 2018, I had my world tipped upside down and had to say goodbye to people, pets and a home. The second half of 2018 has seen me become a winner. I’ve become a much more powerful person, both physically and mentally. I’ve grown in independence and as a strong woman.

Just the other night, I had someone who hasn’t seen me this year as me how I’ve been doing? I said, “I’m alright.” They said “just alright?” In a way to say “is that it?” I replied, “after the year I had, alright is great”. And it is, it’s just fine. The drama, stress and anxiety are not fun or exciting. It’s horrible. The security of knowing that I rely on myself for my rent and bills is a huge relief. I work hard to provide for myself and leading a normal life will do me fine just now.beyonce grown woman new year resolution

What are your thoughts going into 2019?

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