5 Women who have inspired me online

5 Women Who Inspire Me Online*

People can put out an appearance online to make them out as someone they aren’t. I’ve seen a lot of people talk the talk and stand still. This post is about the people who have used their online platform to make a positive difference in this world and shout about it. That difference can be fighting for political change, teaching about knowing your self-worth, or even simply encouraging others to live their best lives.

  • Jack Monroe A.K.A. Bootstrap Cook

Jack Monroe is a true survivor. They have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and soared. They are a successful author, parent, activist, blogger and use their platform for good. They inspire me on Twitter every day by calling people out on their bullshit, wearing their heart on their sleeve and working to live the best life for them and their child. They remind me that even if you feel like you can’t get any lower on life’s luck ladder, you can always climb back up. You just have to keep holding on. You can find their recipes here, buy their work here, subscribe to their Patreon for extra content here, and give them a little tip here, and follow their Twitter here.

Jack Monroe Twitter Profile Pic

Image: @BootstrapCook

  • Chidera Eggerue A.K.A. The Slumflower

This woman here speaks the goddamn truth. She is unforgivingly glorious and knows it, and wants every woman to know they should be the same. I followed her for a while and loved her wisdom tweets that would resonate with so many people. Then I listened to her podcast and started to actually believe what she had to say. I thought that she would just say that you should love yourself and half a bath with a LUSH bath bomb. I couldn’t be more wrong. She got beneath that superficial surface and talked about the real meaning of self-love. “Loving yourself means coming home to yourself, no matter how dirty your shoes are.” Also, #SaggyBoobsMatter. Pre-order her book here, follow her Twitter here, check out her blog here, and listen to her show here.

Chidera Eggerue The Slumflower SaggyBoobsMatter

Image: Chidera Eggerue taken by Christina Nwabugo

  • Amy McDonell

OK, this one is slightly biased. I met Miss McDonnell in my second year at University and still consider her a great friend. I’m not going to embarrass either of us and tell you about our late nights in the halls of residence common room. What I am going to tell you is about how this woman strives every day to live her best life, and she’s winning. She inspires me to never give up on my dream, even though it might not be what I initially thought. Read her amazing blog here, follow her Twitter here, and follow her Instagram here.

Amy McDonnell

Image: Amy McDonell

  • Jane Cunningham A.K.A BritishBeautyBlogger

Jane Cunningham is a woman I have incredible amounts of respect for. Jane has withstood the influx of new bloggers and “influencers” who can’t tell their arse from their elbow and has remained a trusted source of beauty and industry news. Jane is a mature blogger who advocates for the beauty industry to accept and include older people in their mindset. She is a genuinely kind woman who always has time for her legion of loyal readers, and engages with them often. Jane is my aspiration in the blogging community and I’ll still be reading what she has to say for a long time to come. You can check out her BritishBeautyBlogger here, follow her Twitter here, and follow her on Instagram here. She also has a great Facebook page that you can like here.

Jane Cunningham BritishBeautyblogger

Image: Jane Cunningham taken by Richard Hanson

  • Antonella Brollini AKA TheUncensoredReviewer

Antonella Brollini, or as some refer to her Aunty Nella, shot to social media fame when she uploaded a no-holds-barred, honest review of Charlotte Crosby’s fitness DVD. Since then she uploads regular reviews of beauty and lifestyle products that we all see on the internet, but are too nervous to buy. Antonella also does live Facebook shows on Wednesdays and Sundays called, Nighttime With Nelly and Sunday Service. I have so much respect for Antonella because she tells it like it is and in a way that is hilarious and gut-punchingly true. She is not afraid to make a tit out of herself or hide who she is physically and socially. She comes across as someone who is true to themselves and encourages others to be the same. I think it’s this truth she has within herself that makes her so unashamedly loving life. Antonella’s sense of self-worth is the goal. You can watch her videos and follow her on Facebook here, follow her on Twitter here, and follow her on Instagram here.

Antonella the Uncensored Reviewer

Image: Antonella Brollini

There are so many other amazing women out there that I could be here all day. I just wanted to let the world know about these amazing people and the amazing things they have and are achieving.

Who are the inspirational women you’ve found online? Let me know in the comments.

See you next time!

*Although I have written the gender ‘Woman’ this post, blog, and author fully respect everyone’s right to be their own selves and not conform to the heteronormative narrative plaguing society.

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