My Worst Christmas Pt.1

Not every Christmas is all fun and games. A lot of people can feel like Christmas is the worst time of year. Every year I try to be optimistic that it’ll be alright and 99% of the time it’s just that, alright. Which is OK.

Please be warned that this does have a depiction of family arguing and is not jolly. 

The worst Christmas in recent memory would have to be when I was 14 or 15. It was before My Best Christmas happened, but it can only be a year. I know this because I can remember what house I was in. We moved around a lot, especially in my teens. I have to preface this by telling you that by Christmas day, all was well.

So, it’s Christmas Eve 2000 something. there was four of us living under one roof: Mum, her partner, my brother, and me. I must’ve been in a mood that day anyway. It’s the only reason I can think of as to why I acted like I did. We went out in the car for some last minute shopping and things escalated, quickly.

It wasn’t unusual or out of the ordinary for there to be an argument when we all went out. Often it was over something petty, which ended with “I’m going to wait in the car!” It would be silent for a couple of hours after but quickly forgotten. I think it was a mixture of Christmas stress, teenage angst, and clashing of personalities that caused the huge explosion of emotions that was to come.

On the way back in the car something was said by me, although I can’t remember what it was at all. It must have been bad because my mum went off. during the ensuing slanging match, mum called me a really horrible and hurtful name. She called me a “selfish little bitch” and said it with so much venom. I remember a lot of raised voices, long periods of silence, and long periods of sitting alone in my room crying. What is it with mothers and their abilities to know what to do to make you feel like a child who just got caught?

To be continued. Make sure to check back for Part 2.

See you next time!


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