Christmas Cards

Just a quick one today. How many of you still send Christmas cards? I do and I love it. I love making a list of all the people that I HAVE to send one to, then all the people I think who would appreciate one.

The people that I have to send one to have their own individual cards. However, for everyone else, they come in the usual box of ‘x’. Although I try not to go over boxes of 20 and have a few options. I have this little thing in my head that says “the older I get, the more important these cards get.” In which case, a box of 50 poor quality cards isn’t going to cut it. The bumper packs are great for children in school, or money’s tight. They are also great for Christmas arts and crafts.

I’m not going to post the individual cards I’ve given this year because I haven’t posted them yet. What I am going to show you is the generic cards that I’m sending.


The top two cards are from Tesco, although I can’t find a link to them. The bottom two cards are from M&S.

What do you think about Christmas cards? Is it a dying tradition?

Come back for another instalment of Blogmas.

See you next time!

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