Last Minute Gift Guide

Well, shit. You’ve forgotten to get Sheila a present and all the good stuff’s gone. You haven’t got time to order something off the internet, not everyone has Amazon Prime. So, what are you going to do? I’ll tell you what to do. You’re going to pop downtown and pick up one of these items. It doesn’t break the bank and it looks like you actually put some thought into it.  You can find these items in multiple shops in your local high street, or at a push, your local supermarket.

  • Mug

Gold A Mug, Marks and Spencer £8

M&S Mug

Image: Marks & Spencer

A cute, inexpensive gift that can be as fancy or as plain as you like. This personal initial mug form M&S is perfect for fashionable the coffee lovers in your life. You’ll find individual mugs in any homeware section.

  • Gift card

Love2Shop gift card, Minimum credit £25


Image: Love2Shop

A gift card is one of the best last-minute gifts you can give someone. Nearly every high street and major online retailers selling and receiving gift cards, there is something for everyone. You can get the person a gift card for an individual shop that you’ll know they’ll like, or you can get one of the many high street cards and vouchers. That way, they’ll have much more choice.

  • Bottle of Bubbly


Image: Tesco

It’s cheap and cheerful, it’s Christmas. This is great for your neighbour/colleague/church donation. They’ll either be thrilled and drink it and love it, or they’ll re-gift it. Either way, you look like the thoughtful, generous wine connoisseur. If you know they don’t like Prosecco or Champagne, a bottle of their favourite colour wine will do. I say colour because if you’re close enough to know their favourite specific wine, you should have been more prepared and not looking for last minute gifts. Lots of places have deals on cases of bubbly. Buy a case, save money, and have an emergency gift on standby.

  • Box of Chocolates

Cadbury Milk Tray, Tesco £6


Image: Tesco

Boxes of chocolates are fantastic. You can’t go wrong with chocolates 98% of the time. Again, you can be as simple, or as extravagant as you like. A classic box of chocolates for a gift is the reliable Cadbury’s Milk Tray. They come in many sizes and are very purse friendly. Milk Tray is a great gift for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, as it is Halal and Kosher.

  • Socks

3 Pack Assorted Knitted Thermal Socks, George @Asda £6


Image: Asda

Stylish and practical. Everyone needs socks. Thermal socks are like gold dust in the winter and I doubt if anyone would turn their nose up to a pair of cosy thermals. This three pack is great for anyone because not only can they be unisex, they’re also great value for money.

Of course, you really don’t have to get any last minute gifts at all. You really shouldn’t feel like you have to spend your valuable money, which could be well better spent, on someone you really don’t really know. That’s why there’s such a thing called ‘Bumper 50 Pack Christmas Cards‘.

Make sure you pop back tomorrow for another insalment of Blogmas.

See you next time!

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