What I’m Watching This Christmas

One of my most favourite things about Christmas is the television. I love looking forward to all the specials from my favourite TV shows. I love wondering what big and explosive plotline is going to come to an end/start in the soaps. I love sitting in my pyjamas and eating my weight in Quality Street all evening without judgement.

Here are some of the top television shows that I’m looking forward to watching this year. Let me know if you’re excited as I am. Click on the image to prepare yourself and watch the trailers.

December 22nd

  • The Last Leg Christmas Special, Channel 4 9:00pm
The Last Leg Christmas Special

Image: Channel 4

I love watching catching up on The Last Leg. It’s a funny, light-hearted take on the week’s news and events that always gets the tone spot on. Even in the times of tragedy, these guys are able to give an informed, heartfelt opinion. A laugh is always around the corner and their ability to get amazing guests each week such as key politicians, controversial figures hold no bounds. I can’t wait to see what happens this Christmas! It is a live show, so there is no Christmas Special trailer.

Christmas Eve

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol, Channel 4 6:30pm
The Muppet Christmas Carol

Image: Disney

This absolute Christmas classic is a feel-good film for all the family. Based on Dickens’ famous A Christmas Carol, we watch one of Michael Caine’s greatest on-screen performances as the tight git, Scrooge. A recent Twitter thread showed why this film is actually so freaking amazing.

Christmas Day

  • The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast, BBC One 3:00pm
the Queen's Christmas Speech

Image: Youtube

I do love the Queen. I admire her as a monarch, and as a woman. One way or another I watch the Queen’s Speech. Maybe it’s on the day, maybe it’s on iPlayer. It’s just the way things are.

  • Doctor Who, BBC One 5:30pm
Doctor Who Twice Upon a Time

Image: Radio Times

It wouldn’t be Christmas with the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I wait all year for it. This year is going to be an extra special, well special. It’s Capaldi’s final hurrah and we’re treated with not one, not two, but three Doctors! We have 12 running around with 1, then finally being introduced to 13. I’m more looking forward to this than Christmas dinner.

  • Eastenders, BBC One 9:00pm

Image: Radio Times

Again, Eastenders at Christmas is a British tradition. It’s usually a time that the big storyline of the year concludes and others are set in motion. This year it’s all about the Brannings, Carters and that family that have taken over the square that I don’t know the name of. Last year was quite disappointing. The main event was there was a blackout and sadly, no-one tripped in the dark and fell down the stairs. Let\s hope this year is better.

Boxing Day

  • Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Channel 4 9:00pm

Image: Dailymotion

I love watching this every year. I’ve never missed one. Luckily, my favourite contestant, Noel Fielding is back this year and a host of other great comedians. The master of ceremonies, Jimmy Carr is is hosting what I’m sure will be another classic episode.

There are plenty more shows that I’m looking forward to this Christmas, but I’ll be here all day. What will you be tuning into this year?

Remember to pop back tomorrow for another instalment of Blogmas.

See you next time.


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