14 Things I Hate About Christmas

Yesterday I shared with you 17 Things I Love About Christmas. It received a great response, and I’m so glad to see so many of you agree with me and share what you love.

Today I will be sharing with you the things that I hate about Christmas because trust me, it’s not all smiles and laughter. Christmas can be a real nightmare for some people and most of the time, they are fully justified.

  1. Mulled wine


    Image: giphy

  2. Christmas music charts


    Image: giphy

  3. Christmas eve boxes


    Image: Ebay

  4. Travelling


    Image: giphy

  5. Unrealistic gift guides


    Image: giphy

  6. Non-green Christmas trees


    Image: giphy

  7. Colour co-ordinating Christmas decorations


    Image: Pinterest

  8. Egg Nog


    Image: giphy

  9. Overpriced gifts


    Image: giphy

  10. The week where society falls apart (25th to 31st December)


    Image: giphy

  11. Depression


    Image: giphy

  12. Christmas Eve shopping


    Image: giphy

  13. Overfamiliarity (kisses and hugs)


    Image: giphy

  14. Going back to reality


    Image: giphy

There you have it. What do you hate about the festivities? Here is you change to let it all out and rant and rave. This is a safe space.

Make sure you check back tomorrow for another instalment in Blogmas.

See you next time!


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