17 Things I love About christmas

As adults, we all moan about Christmas. We complain that it’s too expensive, too commercialised, too boring, too ‘not like it used to be’. Maybe we need to stop and think the problem is not actually Christmas, it’s us. We’re looking for all the negative things like family rows at dinner, office Christmas parties, awful presents, crap music and too many people everywhere. I’m going to share with you 17 things I love about Christmas.

1. Presents

what I love about christmas

Image: giphy

2. Tacky decorations

how I met your mother gif

Image: giphy

3. Hot chocolate

simon cowell chocolate gif

Image: giphy

4. The snacks


Image: giphy

5. Christmas dinner

Image: giphy

6. Doing things for others

charity gif

Image: giphy

7. Christmas trees

Christmas tree gif

Image: giphy

8. Christmas TV

doctor who christmas special

Image: giphy

9. Christmas cards

miracle on 34th street

Image: giphy

10. Christmas songs

Michael Bublé

Image: giphy

11. Christmas films

The santa clause

Image: giphy

12. Gingerbread latte


Image: giphy

13. Traditions


Image: giphy

14. Buying gifts for others


Image: giphy

15. Winter clothes


Image: giphy

16. Winter nights


Image: giphy

17. Superficial joy



Image: giphy                                                                                                                 


I really do love this time of year and all that goes with it. Maybe it’s not throughout all of Christmas, but most of it. What do you love about Christmas?

Remember to pop back tomorrow for another instalment in Blogmas

See you next time!

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