Stocking Stuffer & Secret Santa Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffer & Secret Santa Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again when Mary comes around the corner and asks if you want to put your name in for the office Secret Santa. Of course, you’d love to and guarantee a nice little prezzie for yourself. However, oh shit. Now you have to try and find something for someone you hardly know and play Miss Marple on their Facebook for any kind of hint.

Maybe you’re after a little token to give to a loved one or neighbour? Cousin Sarah’s popping round with her new fella and have said: “I can’t wait to see your face when you see what we got you.” Great.

No matter what your budget, I have you covered for every scenario. Of course, you can always say “Merry Christmas” and have the lovely long awkward silence. Sometimes, people really do deserve a lump of coal.

For Her

Maybelline Nude But Nice Gift Set, Wilko £5

Maybelline Makeup Cracker Secret Santa Stocking Stuffer

Image: Wilko

For the person who you know likes to wear some makeup, but not the most daring or adventurous of people. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, everyone has their own tastes. Not everyone can pull off that deep purple lip. Seeing that the nail varnish is £3.99, and the lipstick is £6.99 when bought separately, this little cracker is practically a steal.


NUXE Holiday Cracker, M&S £10

NUXE stocking stuffer secret Santa

Image: M&S

Now, I may be biased because I work at Marks & Spencer (only the Foodhall), yet I really do believe that they have produced some right crackers this year. I’ll leave right now, shall I? Instead of the traditional rose and lavender scented smellies, get them something they’ll actually use. The cracker consists of Micellar Cleansing Water, Crème fraîche® de beauté moisturiser, and Huile Prodigieuse® shimmer oil. I’ve roughly worked out that the amount of product you’re getting is worth £13.55. Not a huge saving, like Maybelline but still worth your money. Not only that, there are plenty of 3 for 2 offers on other nik-naks. 

Charbonnel et Walker Strawberry Truffles, John Lewis £13

Charbonnel et Walker Strawberry Truffles stocking stuffer secret santa

Image: John Lewis

OK, I have a confession to make. I bought these for my nan at Christmas and she is notoriously fussy to buy for. She asked me where I got them from because she wanted to buy another box. At the time I bought a tiny box of salted caramel chocolates and I wish the box never ended. They look fancy and taste fantastic. Does anyone else think they look a bit Nutcracker-y?

For Him

Bulldog Original Moisturiser Cracker, Superdrug £4

Bull Dog cracker stocking stuffer secret santa

Image: Superdrug

It’s called Bulldog, it has a picture of a dog on it, what more do you want? Some people, particularly certain dry skinned males, need a little nudge when it comes to skin care. I’m purely going off my own experiences there. For someone who is getting into skincare, this is a great introduction. The aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea makes for a hydrating moisturiser that fully absorbs without leaving behind a greasy residue. For £4, you can’t go wrong.

Nando’s Salt Shaker, Argos £9.99

Nandos salt shaker stocking stuffer secret sana

Image: Argos

-Insert joke about cheeky banter here-

Are you like me and has someone in their life who is obsessed with Nandos? So much that they tell you what to order, orders for the table, then show you over to the condiments area? Or is that just my brother? This Peri-Peri Salt & Shaker is the perfect little stocking stuffer for them. They probably have all the sauces and a giant pepper grinder already.  We all know all they really want is that holy grail Black Card, but until then I’m sure they’ll be happy with this.

HIP Water Bottle stocking stuffer secret santa

Image: Harvey Nichols

This very aesthetically pleasing water bottle is perfect for your friend who always says “I need to drink more water”, “I”m in training”, or “I’m hanging out my arse”. For clarity, hanging out of one’s arse means you’re hungover and your mouth is dryer than the Sahara. This hipflask shaped water bottle is sleek, stylish, and environmentally friendly. its slim shape means that it can be packed more efficiently, is easier to hold, and makes the owner look cool AF. Who knew water could be so fashionable?

For Them

Coca Cola Snow Globe, Asda £5

Coke snowglobe secret santa stocking stuffers

Image: Asda

If you can’t gift someone a novelty trinket item that’ll sit on their shelf for eternity, then when can you? I love when it’s Christmas and all the real kitsch tat comes out in the shops. I love that you’ll find stuff, you’ll never usually see any other time of year. These kind of items are usually only found on eBay, years old, and cost a fortune. I love this so much, I might have to buy one for myself.

Home Collection – Set of four white frosted tumbler glasses, Debenhams £11.20

Frosted tumblers secret santa stocking stuffers

Image: Debenhams

I’m sorry to be the one that breaks it to you, but we’re grown-ups now. Grown-ups give gifts that are stylish and practical. You might look at these and think they’re naff. However, if you’re like me then you have a cupboard full of pub-stolen glasses that don’t match and always end up smashed. These elegantly frosted tumblers will convince anyone that you know what you’re doing and you have your shit together. They don’t know that you’re wearing the same pair of trousers for the third day in a row.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Embroidered logo wool scarf, Selfridges £70

Vivienne Westwood scarf secret santa stocking stuffer

Image: Selfridges

If you like to give investment, thoughtful pieces that you know the recipient will treasure, how about a Vivienne Westwood scarf? Beautifully simple and timeless, this red tasselled scarf will keep them warm and stylish this winter. The sumptuous shade will compliment every skin tone and every outfit. It’s the Every scarf. Of course, no-one needs a £70 scarf, however, if you feel generous this year… head right over to my contact page.

This year I will be doing a post every day leading up to Christmas day. Come back tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

See you next time!

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