Primark PS Pro HD Mascara review

PS Pro HD Mascara | Primark | Road Test

My criteria when looking for a mascara was, “is the tube thin?” Hardly a well-researched, informed decision. For £3 however, it was worth a shot. 

One day whilst I was putting on my makeup for the day, I noticed that all of my good mascaras were starting to become empty. I had enough mascaras to use but they were really my last resorts. Whilst I was in Primark a few weeks days later, I remembered that I was on the hunt for a new, affordable mascara. The mascara that I was using with great reward up to that point was the Primark Batman mascara that I concluded was a dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash.

I remember thinking that as well as the formula, the great features were the short plastic bristles, and the tube was thin. OK, it’s wasn’t thin but wasn’t like them huge bulbous ones, that I think can make the product look like it’s for young girls. The next mascara I bought had to have the same qualities for me to want to want to pick it up and try it. Luckily enough I didn’t have to look long before I came across the PS Pro HD Mascara. There it was tucked away at the bottom, waiting for me to spot it.

The tube was thin, the bristles were short, and the checkout queue was even shorter. Had this been one of my most successful Primark shopping trips ever? I was keen to test the mascara and see if my good fortune lasted a bit longer. The next day I reached for the tube and applied a single coat to my upper lashes. I was amazed. It performed just as well as my Primark Batman mascara in fanning out and lifting my lashes, and the colour was jet black. After a very stressful, long, and sweaty day at work, I looked in my mirror and was astounded to see no transfer whatsoever. I hadn’t worn eyeliner that day and there was no product underneath my eyes from blinking or from closing my eyes to roll them without anyone noticing.

After a couple of weeks in my makeup drawer, the PS Pro HD Mascara has become a firm favourite. It’s the first thing I mention when asked about mascaras, and even when I’m not asked. I’m certainly going to be picking up another tube, for £3 I’d be crazy not to.

PR Pro HD Mascara review

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What’s your favourite affordable mascara?

See you next time!

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