Dear PR department…

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I’m aware, the average customer can’t buy the same PR package of makeup that influencers receive. Who thought of that stupid idea? 

I’ve been on the low-end blogging scene for quite some time now, and I’ve had my eye on the high-end scene for even longer. In the blow up of makeup YouTubers over the past recent years, makeup companies have been going to great lengths to impress them. I’m talking about the professional, full-time career YouTubers, not the ones who just got a DSLR and a ring light last Christmas.

makeup PR package

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You will see all over Youtube videos titled “PR UNBOXING,” “FREE STUFF,” “FREE MAKEUP.” Please don’t think that I’m bashing Youtubers who do these videos, even I’m guilty of going on a PR unboxing video binge. Good on them for being successful enough in what they do to be on a brand’s PR list. What I am bashing, is that I have never known for a fancy PR package to be on general sale to the public.

Any brand, but especially from the beauty industry, will go above and beyond on their PR packages. They know that the more elaborate, aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable a product is, the more likely the receiver is going to show it in their content, be it Instagram, Youtube, magazines, online magazines (like Buzzfeed) and so on. For the brand, it’s kind of like a free sponsored post. It can be a fine line between a sponsored post, which the influencer has to declare, and a gesture of “goodwill.” How many times have you heard, “thank you blah blah so much for sending these to me”? It sounds like they’re just sending their friend a birthday gift. That’s what they want to come across as.

This is my point. Why can’t we, as a consumer, buy the fancy packaged full collection of products? Why can’t we buy them as gifts to our friends and family? You kind of get it at big holidays, like Christmas. The worse offender PR package for me is when a makeup company will send someone a collection of foundation in every shade. What a waste of product and money. I presume they just put them all in, send them all out and one shade will be suitable for someone and another shade for another person? However, this sort of PR package would be perfect for Makeup Artists who work on a number of clients with different tones.

Please let me know your thoughts? Would you consider buying makeup PR packages?

See you next time!

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