Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer | Empty

I’m very hesitant to write this post. I know that many people will have opposing views, and think I’m crazy.

Disclaimer: All views are my own opinion and do not reflect on the integrity of a company or other people’s opinion of a product.

After seeing so many people praise the Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer, I knew that I had to give it a go on my “supermarket bags for life.”

I was very excited when I first purchased it. Although when I swatched it, it didn’t seem to have the same bright full coverage I had seen on others. I was a little disappointed. From what I had seen, this would be the concealer equivalent of Tipp-ex.


A close up of the applicator sponge

I’ll give it the credit it deserves as a good concealer, because it did it’s job. However not as much pigment as expected. I also noticed that it went through the product pretty quickly. I would say that three clicks would be enough for each use, but the mechanism would soon make it’s way down the bottle. Not very cost effective.


It does use ALL the product

Overall I would say it’s an OK concealer. I think the hype around it has made it what it is today. For the price, I wouldn’t buy it again. There are many more concealers out there that are cheaper with better pigment.

Joey who cares

See you next time!

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