My Life in Music | CD Collection

That’s “Compact Disc”, little children.

In a society of downloads, Youtube and Spotify it could feel as if physical CDs have had their day. I’m here to tell you that you’re probably right. Young(er than myself) people of today will never know the feeling of taking that little black case that held a selection of your finest CD collection around with you, casually pulling out the stylish portable CD player and listening to your banging tunes, all the while being careful not to knock it otherwise the song will skip.CD player retro

Like nearly every other person, I use my phone as my personal mp3 player and have nearly stopped buying CDs altogether. However, I do hold on to a very minimalist collection of personal favourites. These CDs have been there with me through thick and thin and have partially helped shape the person I am today.

  1. T Rex/ Marc BolanAlexis Harrow trI used to LOVE the film Billy Elliot. I would watch it all the time and dance for hours after, believing that I was the next undiscovered dancing star. What made me love it even more was the soundtrack. T Rex provides all but a few tracks to the films amazing story. My particular favourite; I Love to Boogie. My mum then went on to play the songs throughout the house when she was cleaning. My love for Marc Bolan and T Rex only grew, and now they make me go to that place where I feel like I’m in the 70’s and my hair is a massive, frizzy free spirit. I can’t imagine my life without these songs.
  2. Kanye WestAlexis Harrow kwWhen I was around 10/11 years old at home, I would listen to my brother play Kanye West’s “College Dropout” on his HIFI through the walls whilst he played PlayStation with his friends. All I wanted, was to be cool like my brother and to be cool meant I had to like Hip Hop. Then something changed my life forever: my father died. I don’t really remember many details from that specific time in my life, I think I’ve just forgotten it through growing up, or maybe it’s a self defence mechanism, who knows? I do remember, however about a month after he died, my brother calling me into his room and asking me if I heard any oh Kanye’s music. He played me Through the Wire and I just sat there like “yeah, it’s good or whatever”. Since that day whenever I hear that song, and the whole album I just think of that time and when my big brother and I bonded. I saw the album years later when I was about 16/17 in a second hand shop and I had to snap it up. I don’t listen to the album that much unless I want a real trip down memory lane, and babe that’s not often. I do still LOVE Kanye West and love his music.
  3. 30 Seconds To Marsalexis harrow 20stm*Echelon <3* When I was about 14 in school, I had just made my best friendship-ness with Shannan* official. For some strange reason she used to let me borrow her Walkman phone (before I had mine) to listen to music in class (which was naughty and I shouldn’t have done it). One song I would listen to on repeat would be 30 Seconds to Mars’ The KillI bloody loved that song. Shannan* would say to me, “oh yeah, it’s 30 Seconds to Mars. Here’s their other music…” I completely shot her down. I thought they were OK, but I weren’t going to bother listening to anything of theirs anytime soon. A couple of years went by and I heard some more of them by accident and I started to grow to like a few of their songs. Then I found My love exploded! Still my best friend, I ran to Shannan* and professed my love and she said “you do know that’s who I used to show you”, with that look of confusion that says “how are you so dumb?” My first album “This is War” was a present to myself to celebrate finishing college. I have to say this is my favourite album of theirs, just so many memories of Vyrts, fanfiction, the record breaking tour, the beginning of a thirst for the legend that is Jared Leto. The best thing about this whole story? Shannan* is still my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without her. I’m honoured to soon be her bridesmaid and privileged to be a part of her journey in motherhood.
  4. Moulin RougeAlexis Harrow mrNot gonna lie, this is just a brilliant bloody film! This film is probably one of the most gorgeously cinematic pieces of art I’ve ever seen. And also the memory of me and Gemma singing Elephant Love Medley in a school show WILLINGLY will never leave my nightmares. I was Ewan McGregor.
  5. My Chemical Romance Alexis Harrow MCRMy, my, my, where do I start with My Chemical Romance? For me it started with I’m not OK and the constant playing on Kerrang that made me perk up and listen. I was an angsty teenager (shocker) and this music suited me just fine. Helena will always be an anthem and don’t let anyone tell you different. I tried to go full Emo, I really did, but I was scared to dye my hair black and I knew I could never pull of them low rise skinny jeans. I drifted away from MCR and it turned out I wasn’t just an angsty teen, I was at the beginning of my mental breakdown which lead to me being diagnosed with depression. Time moved on and my illness was under control with the help medication and therapy. Then one day at my local library I loaned a copy of “The Black Parade”. I went home, listened to the whole album and fell in love. Every song spoke to me and the next day I went to Virgin Records Store and bought a copy for myself to keep forever. Added to my collection is Danger Days, an massively underrated album.
  6. Florence and The MachineAlexis HArrow fmThis album will always have a place in my heart. I bought this album with the first £10 I ever earned at my first job. It was a trial day at a local fish and chip shop and I did so well they paid me £10 and asked me back the next day. Little did I know then that the job was one of the most awful places of work I’ve ever been in. I was young and easily intimidated. My boss was an egotistic douche who favourited pretty girls. That still doesn’t take away the pride I felt when I bought this album and played Dog Days Are Over it all the time, all day every day. Alexis Harrow m

So there you have it, a little bit about me that you may or may not find interesting. I have so many other important songs that have meaning in my life, however we could be here all day.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and tell me what albums have shaped your life!

See you next time! 

*Not real name


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