Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick & Liquid Lipstick | Road Test

Flicking through my my Instagram on the 19th May I came across a post from everybody’s favourite lip emporium; Gerard Cosmetics. Then the fun began…

It was half one in the morning and I was at that stage where you don’t know if the hinges on the doors are moving or you actually do need to just put yourself in a dark room and shut your eyes. That being said I wan’t sure if I read right? “50% off!”

I was umm-ing and ahh-ing for ages trying decide on what to get. I knew that no matter what I bought that 1) it would be 50% off, and 2) the currency exchange rate meant that it would still be a couple of numbers down.

I finally decided on a Lipstick in the shade Vintage Rose and a Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Serenity (which is the famous collaboration with Manny MUA).

After the whole order, exchange rate and everything, I eventually ended up paying only £13.80 (which is $19.50)

Vintage Rose and Serenity

Vintage Rose and Serenity

Matte Lipstick – Vintage Rose

I found this lipstick to be quite dry on the lips and slightly dragging when I apply, however this problem is soon solved with a primer of lip balm. The colour absolutely suits my skin, so much to say that it kind of matched my natural li colour. This can be a plus if you want something to wear to work or college etc as it’s not distracting and in your face. On the flip side sometimes you want to be like “yo, look at my blaring lips!”

Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose

Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick – Serenity

Before this I had only two liquid lipsticks in my entire makeup collection. I hadn’t really had a good experience with them before. In my mind they’re just matte lip glosses that are still sticky and will still attract your hair in the wind. After the hype over Serenity and my love for Manny’s videos I thought why not and give it a try? The colour is perfect. It’s such a gorgeous shade that is a mix between rose pink and nude. It applies quite well and doesn’t nee a liner to make it look neat. My only little thing against it is I would say that it’s not all that matte and dry. Yes, it gives that dullness that a matte colour has but it never really fully dries to the extent where I think “yup, this isn’t budging”. When I wear this, I definitely take it with me to top up during the day. I think it’s because of habit, but I tend to reach for the vintage rose out of the two products because I rarely apply something that has a doe foot. If this colour came in a lipstick I would snap it up in an instant.


Serenity (excuse the poor quality)

All in all I had a great shopping experience with Gerard Cosmetics and was really happy with the end product results!

Serenity(Left) and Vintage Rose(Right) swatches

Serenity(Left) and Vintage Rose(Right) swatches

See you next time! 

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