We’re all in this together! Or not?

Sorry to interrupt your usual schedule of beauty bargains and random road tests, but I’m afraid a matter of utter urgency has broke: The EU Referendum.

You may not know this but I have a very keen interest in politics and like to keep up to date with current affairs, especially matters that concern my way of life.

I live in the United Kingdom, and whilst I’m writing this I am a European. On the 23rd June 2016 Britain will hold a referendum(kind of like an election) as to stay or leave the European Union.

This referendum is going to be such a momentous moment in British history and I feel privileged to live in a time when this decision is made. I mean, it’s going to be up there with the Battle of Trafalgar(1805), the formation of the United Kingdom(1707) and Kate and Will’s wedding(2011).

I’m also privileged to be a woman voting in the referendum. It’s so weird to think that not even 100 years ago women were not allowed to vote. The ones who initially were allowed had to be over 30 and wealthy as f**k!

When I learnt that women weren’t given the SAME voting rights as men until 1928:

Via: tumblr.com

Via: tumblr.com

I’ve already decided which way I’m going to vote, but I’m not going to say here because I want to stay impartial. However, what I will do is ask YOU to make sure you vote on June 23rd. The majority of my audience are female, the majority of my audience were considered “wild roses” not too long ago, the majority of my audience were told to be quiet and get back in the kitchen. I want you to BE that wild rose, make a noise, fight for what you believe in. Even if it’s as small as making sure you pop down to your nearest polling station in your lunch break.

Via: historyoffeminism.com

Via: historyoffeminism.com

If you are a UK citizen and you’re not already, make sure you are registered to vote by the JUNE 7th DEADLINE! *

If you want more information (actual facts) about the EU referendum and voting, visit aboutmyvote.co.uk

Remember: if you don’t vote but complain about the outcome, it’s like being given a snorkel, refusing, then drowning.

Via: giphy.com

Via: giphy.com

See you next time!

*This deadline has come and past.

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