LA GIRL Pro Conceal Concealer| Road Test

Do you want to hear a secret?

Come here, a little closer…

Promise to keep it between us? 

I’ve been wanting to try the LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer for quite a while after seeing many other bloggers and the such use it and seeing their results. To me it’s come across as an unspoken staple in the beauty world. Mostly I’ve seen it being used by American rather than fellow UK blogger.

I was so excited when it arrived, however when I used it for the first time I felt that it could have been filled with more product. I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t know without actually looking into the tube. It comes with a built in applicator brush which is so handy, it dispenses the perfect amount of product per squeeze. LA GIRL Pro Conceal - Porcelain by L.A. Girl

The colour of the tube made me feel a bit dubious that it would match my skin tone as it was quite an orangey-yellow. I ordered the shade Porcelain and I had to double check that it was correct. It was. When I applied it to my under eyes I was very pleasantly surprised that it did match my skin tone and in fact brightened and covered the area quite well. It blended like a dream in no time at all. It’s as if it walked into my life and kicked all other concealers out of the beauty box. If only there was some way to use this to cover up all the imperfections in my life.

So here’s the secret… this is the best concealer I’ve ever used. LA GIRL Pro Conceal - Porcelain by L.A. Girl

LA GIRL Pro Conceal is available online at or Amazon for £4.99/£2.84*

See you next time!

*Correct time of writing.

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