MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ | Road Test

MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ has come to my attention after seeing it being used by various bloggers etc. Initially I thought “oh great, just another layer I need to add to my face”.

If you read my other posts, you’ll know I’m very cheap when it comes to well, pretty much everything.

Since my student loan came through after Easter, instead of budgeting for my living needs such as food and bills etc I headed straight to John Lewis  and picked up the 100ml plastic bottle from the MAC counter.

At first I was hesitant and not really sure on what I was supposed to do with it. After some research I came to the conclusion that it was a face ‘finishing’ product, something used to round off the makeup process and add a little pick me up to your makeup as the day goes on.

In the first couple of days I was spraying it everywhere, before my makeup and after. I soon realised that I was literally spraying money away unnecessarily. It had no significant effect on the overall look whether I did it before and after to just applying it after.

To use  simply hold it around arms length and spray three bursts across the face. Don’t be afraid like I was, your face will look like you’ve just been covered in a bucket of water but that soon disappears. Afterwards you are left with a beautiful glowing complexion.

I do use my MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ when I remember most days, however I can live without it. I’m not sure when I run out that I’ll have to go and buy another one right away, but it’ll definitely be on the shopping list when I feel like throwing some money around.

MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ is available at all MAC counters, stores and online £17

See you next time!

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