Primark Lipstick Names


Oh, I love that shade, what is it?”

Um, it’s a kind of brown-y red-y brick-y dark sort of colour…? I don’t know the name of it.”

I don’t know about you, but I regularly have that conversation about a lipstick or lip product from a certain cosmetic brand, P.S.Love… @Primark.

P.S. Love… have really come in to their own in in the past year and have become a firm favourite in beauty lovers’ collections everywhere.

My favourite form the range are their lip products. You may have noticed but I am a lipstick junkie and I am always looking for new shades and formulas to try. I can’t speak for the glosses as I really don’t like any lipgloss, but P.S. Love… have amazingly creamy and long lasting lipsticks in quality packaging and on trend shades.

There is one problem however, the name of the colour is REALLY hard to find. It was only recently when I was examining the tube did I finally find a shade name. If you too struggle, read on and I will guide you to a new discovery. If you look on the bottom, you should see a little white label with all the technical, legal information such as origin company details, expiry date AND shade name.


See you next time!

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