Christmas at County Hall


Well, not now by the time you’re reading this but you know, it was.

Every year for the past 5 years me and my family have spent Christmas day with local members of our community at an amazing event hosted by the Wiltshire Fire & Rescue service. What started as a small, humble get together in the station has grown magnificently into a large scale indoor “street party.”

The Christmas day lunch brings together so many diverse members of the community who would otherwise be alone or just sat indoors watching It’s a Wonderful Life for the millionth time. Last year numbers reached over 200 and even though I have no official numbers, I can certainly guarantee this year surpassed that target.It's a wonderful life gif

Since last year the lunch has become so big that it has moved to our local county hall (which is more like a small hospital lobby).

The queue for the toilet...

The queue for the toilet…

Originally organised by Lucy May of Wiltshire Fire & Rescue service and her team, the free event has snowballed and has teamed up with Wiltshire Council. Every year so many generous donors have contributed to the cause, be it volunteering their time, donating raffle prizes, donating gifts for the children, camping gear for the homeless or even bringing in a box of chocolates on the day to be passed round.

Even the Christmas dinners are donated by local catering company apetitio.


Did I mention I had a drink spilt over me and spent 10 minutes drying them in the disabled toilet?

When I met my mum outside as we went home, she said to me that she was just chatting with a man who won a tin of chocolates in the raffle and that he was so happy. That’s what things like this is all about, and if that doesn’t say Christmas spirit, I don’t know what does? Like always, I had an excellent day with the family and met some great people. Can’t wait for next year!Beyonce 711 gif


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