No7 Beautiful Skin Deep Pore Purifier|Road Test

So I’ve had this for a while now and I have to be honest.

I rather like it.

As you may have seen in my previous Haul post, I had to buy this when a stranger came up to me in the middle of boots and handed me a money off voucher with NO MINIMUM SPEND! A voucher with no minimum spend is the holy grail of UK beauty vouchers.sister act nun dancing

I was apprehensive with this product because it claimed to “thoroughly clean my pores,” “exfoliate dead skin cells” and “remove excess oils” blah blah. Just like pretty much every cleanser out there. What I found however that this wasn’t like every other facial perfecter out there; it works.tumblr_n29aunGk8y1tum2qvo1_400

After first use I noticed a significant difference in the appearance in my pores and skin. I could still feel the tightening of the pores for quite a while after, which I believe with continued rigorous use will be constant.

For some reason I thought the bristles would be soft and movable but they are actually hard plastic. The actual product is similar to acne reducing serum. It’s clear, it has a distinct “treatment” smell and doesn’t lather up. Do not mistake this for a cleanser, it will not miraculously remove your make-up. It WILL get all the leftover grub and grime.PicMonkey Collage1

The packaging says itself to twist the top to “on,” squeeze and do your thing… then twist again to “off.” Because I’m really cheap what I do is turn it “on,’ squeeze a little product, turn it back “off” and then go to town on my face… saves a lot of the product!

I would definitely recommend this to people with deep, clogged pores. It may not be a permanent solution and for severe cases however, for those with some to mid range skin problems, this will certainly help. I can certainly see this being a re-purchase and I would place it up there with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as a “must have”.

Welcome to my clean pores!

Welcome to my clean pores!


See you next time!

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