No make-up “detox”


Ok, so it’s not so much of a detox but more of giving my skin a breather…

After reading this very interesting article by Brooke Shunatona on going a whole week not wearing make-up and the effect it had on her skin, I thought to myself that maybe I could and SHOULD give it a go. My skin seems to be getting angrier by the day. 

What hooked me in the most was how she described her feelings and emotions during the week.

“The start of my first day at work without make-up was like that dream where you find yourself naked in front of a crowd and everyone’s laughing at you — except no one laughed or stared at my bare face.”

I and nearly every other woman and man out there who owns a foundation brush or Beauty Blender have nightmares of family, friends, work colleagues and even strangers seeing their bare skin, so I can completely understand where the author is coming from. If you want to cover up a tattoo on your arm you wear sleeves. If you want to make your bum smoother and higher you wear Spanx. If you want to cover your dark circles, acne scars, discolouration and dry skin you wear foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter and blusher.. 

No-one would blame you if you wanted to cover your body or choose certain types of clothing to hide a multitude of skins. However there can be a stigma to those who wear make-up to mask certain features, especially those who wear a lot of the stuff. Make-up shaming has to stop. Who are you to judge a person on how much or how little they wear make-up? 

In one week I’ve had two different people tell me “Oh my god, why are you wearing so much make-up to work? Who are you going to meet, prince charming?” “you look really rough, are you all right?” To both of them I say:


When I do or do not decide to wear make-up is because I choose to do so. This brings me back to the point of this post. Inspired by Brooke and because I want to, I am going to go one whole week without wearing make-up. This next part pains me to write, but not even brows!


I know. I know. 

I will be starting Monday June 29th, I have to travel that day so I’m just not going to pack ANY make-up and hope for the best. 

This doesn’t mean I’ll be ignoring my skin care, I’m still going to moisturise and do my regular clay mask. And them brows are still going to be groomed, them bitches need to be tamed. 

 My face is bare and my will is strong! 


No doubt I’ll be posting my “progress” on instagram, which you should totally check out. 

Wish me luck, Laters! 


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