Night night world, see you tomorrow!

Night time/getting ready for bed routine

Whatever happened to just going to bed at 8.00pm in a clean pair of pyjamas and being tucked up in bed? Oh yeah, we grew up, became adults and now there’s a whole lot of upkeep involved to make sure we wake up feeling fruity fresh!

I try to stick to this routine as much as possible but sometimes I commit beauty blasphemy and sleep with my make-up on.

  • I usually have a bath in the evening where I like to just sit and relax and wind down. I usually take a book in with me or go through social media on my phone. first however, before I do anything, I apply PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo10102869

This say to leave it on for 5 minutes but I like to leave it on as long as I can, usually about half an hour. Contrary to popular opinion I actually rather love the smell of this shampoo and the colour is so intense yet doesn’t leave your hair purple. I would say it does work however to see maximum results it would best used on platinum hair. Don’t expect miracles.

This is my favourite face cleanser, it removes 99% of all my make-up even my Benefit They’re Real products. Using with the Muslin cloth in circular motions, it leaves my face feeling fresh, soft, clean and rejuvenated. I’m quite the penny pincher but I will always splash out for Cleanse and Polish. I prefer to order straight from them instead of buying it in boots for example, because with Liz Earle you receive an experience, the customer service is outstanding and the speed of delivery is fast and efficient. the packaging and presentation when it is delivered is amazing and I’d rather wait click and wait then but instantly and take it home in a carrier bag. If you sign up to the newsletter you’ll be the first to know of offers and discounts which they like to do regularly.

I got it for Christmas and it is only JUST starting to run low. It’s a clay-type mask with exfoliating beads. I tried to use it as a cleanser in the same way I use Cleanse and Polish but it just didn’t work for so I use it solely as a mask. After a few seconds it dries to a matte clay on your skin and you can’t move your face. I like to leave it on for around 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water in circular motions using my muslin cloth. The results are amazing, it makes my skin feel less oily and more smooth to touch. I’m definitely going to stock up on this little beauty.

This is a great body lotion and softens my skin a treat! my one bad point is the smell, it simply isn’t to my taste.

  • After getting dressed for bed I like to just massage a few drops of Bio Oil on my face and neck.ImageHandler

I have a lot of acne scars and uneven skin tone on my face and I’ve found this is the only thing that really shows any improvement. I massage it on my face for a good five minutes to make sure its fully and evenly absorbed, and I’m not just left with a big blob of oil on my face.

Going to bed feeling like:

Going to bed feeling like:

  • After taking my medication and watching some TV, usually some soaps, mock the week, QI, and family guy WHILST doing some blogging bits, youtube, ebay window shopping, tumblr-ing etc…. I like to scrub my lips with the little beauty that is LUSH Bubblegum lip scrubtumblr_inline_n1y4fzdY051qhdg8c
  • In a perfect world I like to make sure that I’m organised for the following day. However, this isn’t a perfect world and most of the time I lie to myself that I can wing it in the morning… When I do have my act together I make a list of tasks on my phone (galaxy S5) with reminders placed throughout the morning; make sure have breakfast, make sure you brush your teeth, make sure you do your skincare routine, make-up etc, make sure X,Y and Z are in your bag… I know this seems obvious but if I don’t write things down I’ll come up with something to do and completely forget another thing I ought to do.

    They forgot to add the drool and mushed up face

    They forgot to add the drool and mushed up face

  • Then I’ll tun everything off, close my eyes and fall asleep instantly. YEAH RIGHT! I can fall asleep in a dark, quiet room but ever since I was a child I always fell asleep with my TV on or a light. Yes, I was afraid of the dark. BUT I’M A BIG GIRL NOW! I do fall asleep with my TV on. which is totally destroying the planet and every minute I leave my TV on an extra inch of icecap melts away but I like to fall asleep listening to people talk… Also I wake up a lot in the night.
  • To go to sleep I watch Sky News, It’s my favourite news channel and I like to go to sleep and wake up with it.


So that’s it folks! Off to the Land of Nod I go, but before I do there is one thing left to say:

Click me

Click me

Want to checkout my fresh face morning routine?

See you next time!

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