“Bad Gal” at the beach|Next edition

So it’s summertime (nearly), and the weather is getting hot, hot, hot! You’ve spent all  spring trying to be kylie, no not the gold hot-pants one, and now it’s time to be your own self. Who says you need to be all barely there neon bikini at the beach and play around with a bat and ball? This great mix of textures, shapes and layering is perfect for that easy “just thrown on, I didn’t even try but I actually did” look. It’s time to embrace your inner “shade” and show them that no matter what, life’s a beach!


Bandeau Layer Top – £22 – Black/White

Tube Skirt – £20

Square Based Shopper Bag – £28

Lipsy Zebra Print Aviator Sunglasses – £18

*This post is not sponsored by Next however it is a post on for the Next Blogger Network. I am not receiving any type of compensation for this post.

**Image created using polyvore.com

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