Southampton Solent Uni Freshers Fayre 2014


So Freshers Week is winding down to a close and the real world is starting to creep in, well, more like hurl in like a wrecking ball (insert Miley Cyrus here). Already I’m being given assignments and deadlines I’ve done my laundry at least 4 times!

The 25th was the long awaited day of the Freshers Fayre, held at the city’s guildhall. Societies and businesses came from far and wide (well not that far) to shower the awaiting young blood with information, leaflets, sweets, discounts and wooden spoons.

When you first came round into the guildhall you were greeted with a marque, “is this it?” I thought to myself, this was going to be rubbish, in and out in 5 minutes. When me and my flat mate entered the tent we were stamped on the hand and were pointed into the direction of the “student tide”, the mass of people going around the stalls, picking up momentum at each turn. This side of the room was all the sports societies and the people who know me will know the only sport I in which I partake is the reaching out of your bed without getting out to pick up the remote sport…

I was interested in the cheerleading and pole fitness society however after being told how much the fee is per year (and that was even if you were picked after tryouts), I quickly skimmed past and went onto the next sport that I pretended to be interested in to get The Pen(!). I did however have a keen interest in the equestrian society, that was until I found out they don’t give you a free horse…

On the curve around into the non-sport societies I was handed a tin of inspirational exercise beans (baked beans re-packaged) which I thought was quite helpful in these penny pinching times.

When I exited the tent I was given a goodie bag full of little bits and bobs, one of which was a Student Union’s wooden spoon! I was so excited! We ended up at the actual guildhall and queued to get inside downstairs; the stair case made me feel like I was in a SAW movie…

When you entered to room it was jam-packed full of people and stalls and FREE THINGS! This is where the real Freshers Fayre was happening.  There were so many group, health, safety, police, research stalls that there was maybe just too much to take in. However these were the stalls that you should take notice of because you never know when you might need them, when you need that number on the keyring/pen or mug they give you. Did I mention there was also a rave stall playing out some really good tunes.

Upstairs in the main hall were all the business stalls, the ones that want you to shop there and only there, to drink at their club and only theirs. It took me nearly an hour to go around the whole hall and when I came out of there I nearly couldn’t feel my hands with the amount of goodie bags I had been given.

My head was full of discounts, information, places to go that I had to go to a cafe outside and site down to “take stock”. However, not before getting my free slice of Dominos pizza!


Noel Fielding tour poster, UPRAWR event poster, Laboratory @café Parfait poster


All the leaflets I was given, although not including all the same ones I was given(thrust into my hands).



  • “squares” Bar
  • “aero” Bar
  • 6 Lollies
  • 4 Random sweets
  • Fizzy cola bottle sweets
  • Tic Tacs
  • Love hearts
  • Tin of baked beans
  • Sunshine vitamin water
  • BMI Calculator
  • 5 Rubber wristbands
  • 4 Magnets
  • 1 Mouse pad
  • 1 Pack of cards
  • 2 Bottle openers
  • 2 coasters
  • 3 Memo pads
  • 8 Badges
  • 2 Keyrings
  • 2 Mugs
  • 1 Flashing belly gem
  • 1 Magic slate
  • 1 Shot glass
  • 1 Highlighter
  • 1 Wooden spoon
  • 3 Tote bags
  • 3 Posters
  • 1 NME magazine
  • 1 Ruler
  • 2 Temorary tattoos
  • 1 Southampton footbal club sticker (straight in the bin, I’m a pompey girl 1st)
  • 2 Lanyards
  • 1 Doughnut
  • 1 Slice of pizza
  • 1 cocktail foaming powder
  • 12 Pens

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