Do You Really Need Another Pair of Shoes?

Do I really need another pair of shoes? Will my whole life not be worth living if I do not buy these shoes? Will the third world be that little better off when I contribute to the world economy when I hand over those crisp little notes? All these questions and more whirls around my head when faced with the ninth wonder of the world. The eighth wonder being; how is it that you can style your hair perfect at a time when no one is around. Yet, when you want to re-create the same style for a night out with the girls, no matter how much you try, you simply cannot.

 Of course I do not need another pair of shoes. No one really needs anything, apart from basic human rights. Maybe I should treat myself to these shoes, instead of just buying them on a whim? I have been working considerably hard for the past week. Ok, for the past day. That is the problem. Like an addiction, I find different excuses, reasons, why I deserve these shoes. Why shouldn’t I have these shoes?  How dare they make me feel guilty, lusting over a pair of patent leather, black stilettos. Oh yes, they’re in the sale! Seriously, one month we are told that should be minimalist; buy little and wear more, ahem, Mr Gok Wan. We are then told that we should make investments, dish out the dough, but only on specific timeless pieces. The same timeless pieces that will no doubt be out, come next season.

 The thing is, with these shoes, they will look gorgeous in my crystal white shoe rack. The night will come when I will think “yes, yes! These are the shoes for tonight”. You look like heaven on earth, and then you take your first step, your second step, then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. Like being back at school, you’re best friends at first; inseparable. That is until one starts using the other. These, like your shoes, are lessons to be learnt. These lessons will help you in the future, safe in the knowledge that looks aren’t always what they seem. From now on you can face the world a little wiser, a little bit more reserved. Now you know to check the label before you buy, try them on; seriously weigh up all your options before you make a full commitment. That grudgingly brings me back to that question: do I really need another pair of shoes?

 However, if it weren’t these pair of shoes, it would be that bag, or those earrings. The problem with any sort of addiction, if it isn’t one thing, it’s that. Namely that being bargain price sandals that have flair of PRADA about them. Then it really starts; hiding Primark bags away from friends, using that rare occasional £25.00 mascara receipt as a bookmark, so that when your best friend asks about what you bought, you can go into detail of how such a thing is just a drop in the ocean, compared to the amount you earn/spend/inherit. Before you know it, you’re having withdrawal symptoms, attending blah blah anonymous meetings. If I buy these shoes I’ll be truly happy. Surely? Each time the highs get shorter, making me buy more and more, searching for my next hit.

3 thoughts on “Do You Really Need Another Pair of Shoes?

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